Xtreme Lashes semi permanent eyelash extensions are single strands of synthetic eyelashes applied to a natural lash. They create a longer, fuller and darker eyelash look. We Can customize lashes just for you!

They are great for everyday wear or a special occasion!

​Eye Lash Prices

  • ​2 hour set ( first full set or if it is more then 3 weeks) - $150
  • ​1 hour set (2-3 week fill in) - $75
  • 1 hour set with Lash Tinting - $85
  • ​Lash Tint - $20
  • ​Brow Tint - $20
  • ​Lash and Brow - $30

Before and After with Natural Eyelash tinting

​(no extensions)

Before Eyelash extension Service

  • No Makeup
  • ​Do not curl your natural lashes
  • ​if you wear contacts, you may want to remove them before your appointment
  • ​be careful with moisturizers and eye creams before your appointment
  • ​arrive on time with clean eyes to ensure we can apply the max amount of lashes for your appointment time
  • ​being late will result in less lashes being applied
  • ​any other questions feel free to call and ask!

Lashes are actively shedding. Losing lashes is to be expected. The average eye sheds 2-5 lashes per day. With proper home care and the right products you can get a longer life out of your eyelash extensions.


  • Basic makeup and normal lifestyle can resume after application
  • avoid spray/airbrush tanning in the first 3 hours
  • avoid excessive steam in the first 3 hours
  • do not remove or insert contact lenses in the first 3 hours.

Avoid doing the following to prevent weakening the eyelash extension

  • not using the recommended products
  • using waterproof cosmetics
  • using eyelash curlers
  • excessive mascara use
  • excessive rubbing on the eyes
  • picking or pulling at the extensions